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NWP Flage


NWP  Flower

(Atteria Flower)




On the base of authority disposition process, a Council has been established for North Western Province. Members for this Council have been elected by public votes. In this Council, activities such as Meetings, Committee Meetings, Advisory Committee Meetings, Keeping Records, Meetings Organization, Manipulation etc. being done and also the preparation of Enactment with the mission to achieve the living condition of the people of North Western Province to a high position according to the legislature.

Provincial Council Secretariat executes the mission through, providing the payments of salaries & allowances and other facilities to every Office Bearers, Members & their Staff.


Distribution of the Authority - North Western Province

Under the Amendment of 13th Government Constitution, according to the distribution of 09 Administration Units within the Island, the Administration Unit received for North Western Province. Provincial Council for North Western Province belongs only for the Provincial domain limits. When it takes as Administrative Districts Kurunegala & Puttlam, the two Administrative Districts belongs to this Council.

The Legislature erected by considering the base of the population and the dimension of the land area with consistence of 52 Councilors for North Western Province. In this connection 50 Councilors have being elected through public votes and 02 councilors as bonus Members.

Activation of decision process relevant for the Province is conducted through the Board of Provincial Cabinet. Board of Cabinet consists by 05 members with the Chief Minister. Officially, Minister of Finance is vested to the Chief Minister.

Own responsibilities being done appropriately through guiding and lending necessary instructions to the Council from 05 Advisory Committees on behalf of each Ministry by one Advisory Committee and 04 Committees for Provincial Accounts, Legal Drafts, Council Activities, Public Petitions which being implemented to the Province.


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Latest Update 2023-01-13